Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gmail Help Wiki

Tips and Tricks

    Want to write a new article?

    Just follow these easy steps:
    1. Think of some awesome Gmail knowledge to share.
    2. Create your article using Blogger.
    3. Post in the comments include your article for the above Table of Contents.
    4. After we've made sure you're not a spammer, we'll add your article above.

    Didn't find the answer?

    1. Click here to visit the Gmail Help Forum, where you can search for answers, browse previous conversations, and you can also ask your own question. Click to enlarge the image.

    2. You can also go to the Gmail help if you click on the cogwheel icon and then on "Mail help" top left on your Gmail page:

    Helpouts provide support through one-on-one live video chat.  A few TCs are also Helpout providers and are available on a limited basis (example: Brett Carver). You’re welcome to search for Gmail help on Helpouts, but just keep in mind before signing up that individual Helpout instructors are not endorsed by the Gmail team.

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